About Me

My name is Amanda Rothman. 

Before I even began "Good Life Hacking" I wrote articles on how I improved my credit rating from the college-day doldrums to the 800+ that it is now.

But getting this information out to the people who need it means doing more than shouting into the darkness. Helping people also takes money to pay for hosting, etc.

So, since some of my articles are about ways to increase your income, I'm experimenting with ways to do that myself. If you want to support my efforts and get a little something back for it, feel free to look through the Resources I Love page. I'll be expanding on them, so check back again!

I'll be writing about the results of these methods, and recommending the programs/products that I've used which were of help to me.

Just know that I'm glad that you're here and that you've read this far. Thank you!