Self-Publishing School: A review from the inside!

Little did I know when I received an email message from a gentleman named Chandler Bolt that his Self-Publishing School would be the key to getting my book written!

When I first wrote this article, I was nearly finished with the first draft of my book. Before I joined the Self-Publishing School, I had been working on the concepts for my book for two years and actively writing it for one year with slow progress!

I've finished the Self-Publishing School course, and not only did I finish the book, but I've also learned how to get the cover made and how to do a successful book launch. I also hired an editor, and hired a narrator to publish my eBook as an audiobook!

Before working on my project using the Self-Publishing school, I hadn't been this motivated to write in my blog since last year. And here I am with my first book under my belt!

Read on, and I'll explain what this eBook publishing course can do for you by showing you what it did for me...


A Brief History of My Writing Attempts

I began conceiving of my book two years ago. I began actually writing it in July 2014!

I tried everything to get myself writing regularly, up to and including joining NaNoWriMo with my book as that project. I did manage to churn out more during that stint, but once it ended I fell off the wagon. My book returned to the realm of my thoughts and research without little actual writing being accomplished.

Why? Procrastination and paying more attention to my hobbies of course. *shakes fist at them*

I also did not have two important things that I knew that I needed but didn’t know where to get them. I needed an accountability buddy, and I needed a structured list of tasks that were proved to be successful.

On my own, I was easily able to delay writing in favor of other things.

On my own, I was wandering in an unorganized way from task to task that I thought needed to be done. I went from writing to building my website, to research, and back without focus.


What is the Self-Publishing School?

The Self-Publishing School isn't a method for getting rid of my hobbies in order to write. It's not a group to pound you into the ground with guilt either. Books written out of guilt would probably be terribly depressing or just terrible!

Instead, the Self-Publishing School is all about providing you with a proven structure for writing books more easily- (structure and tips which I sorely needed). Members are given access to a portal filled with videos and documents listed in a particular order for the best guidance. You’re also given a schedule to follow when going through these brief and easily understandable lessons.

I’ve found these lessons to be very psychologically sound; they helped me enormously in keeping on track with my writing. I haven’t skipped a day yet!

The program also sets you up with other aspiring authors in a closed Facebook group, creating motivation through sharing the book writing experience- (which I VERY sorely needed). There are also regular meetings with a fellow author where you can exchange advice, encouragement, and keep each other accountable to the goals that you set for yourself.

Other helpful features include Weekly Hangouts where you can ask questions of the staff. You can even become a guest speaker on the Weekly Hangouts and share your insights and success with your book’s progress, and be encouraged in return.

And lastly, there is a load of bonus material ranging from ebooks to audiobooks from some other notables who have been quite successful in the field of writing for those periods of time when you want to take a brief break from writing your own!

As I write this, I want to get back to my book to work on it some more. But I also want more people to become aware of the Self-Publishing School!


Why Should I Care About Writing an eBook?

There are so many people with amazing stories and experience and knowledge who aren't heard. If humanity as a whole is lucky, those people tell those things to their kids with a CHANCE that it may be remembered and passed on to future generations.

Books are a long lasting legacy that can be shared with more people than just the ones you can speak directly to! Complete strangers who are interested in the information you write about can find and read it. With the invention of the Internet, this knowledge can now be shared with the entire world!

When you become a published author, you’ll find that people will start to consider you to be an authority on your chosen subject. When people hear that you’ve published a book, you’ll also usually notice an increase in their respect and approval of you. I’ve heard many tales in the Facebook group of experiencing this, and it has happened to me as well!

As an added bonus, you can write and sell your books as ebooks and make extra income on the side! The knowledge that you want to share with others can actually help to pay your bills, get your finances under control, and even save money for yourself and your family.

It’s not a difficult process at all, and the Self-Publishing School helps you along each step of the way!


What Is Passive Income, and How Can I Make It?

Writing eBooks is a legitimate way of easily making passive income off of work that you do once and then publish for other people to buy. The more eBooks you write, the more you'll increase your earning potential!

The first book you write will start the cycle. If people like what you’ve written, they’ll often keep an eye out for other books you publish. The first book will still be selling to others, even as you add a second book to sell. And this is all done automatically through Amazon, an enormously popular platform for purchasing ebooks!

These books don't need to be novel length either; my eBook is 90 pages. And the books can be either non-fiction or fiction. These days, there are many people who would prefer to have the knowledge you want to share distilled into something informative and quick to read!


But I don't write, you say?

You don't have to be a great writer, or even enjoy writing at all. There are alternate ways to write a book than picking up a pencil or sitting at a keyboard. And I learned about these alternative methods by going through the Self-Publishing School course.

Different people have different ways that they prefer to communicate. I happen to love writing. Other people prefer to speak. This is a perfectly valid way to write a book with the onset of today's level of technology!


Okay, I'll bite. Where can I learn more about the Self-Publishing School?

Let me direct you to the Self-Publishing School's free set of videos where Chandler Bolt will explain what I've written about here, and more!

You can use the main ideas from these free videos to get you writing more, but I really recommend investing in yourself by joining the Self-Publishing School.

After watching these videos, I liked the ideas behind the program, but I balked at the cost. I took a few days to think about what it was that Chandler Bolt was offering. I came to two main realizations.

  1. This is more than just a series of video tutorials like the ones that Chandler Bolt is giving away for free. This is a class about how to Self-Publish my book into a Best Seller level using a proven series of steps used by Chandler Bolt and the thousands of students before me.
    I considered the cost of the Self-Publishing School to be the same as paying tuition costs for a college course.


  2. I could easily recoup the cost of the class through my book sales. Even if I sold my book for 99 cents each, it wouldn't take long. Popular eBooks can sell for much more than that!

In addition, Chandler Bolt offers a 30-day Guarantee that if you follow the Self-Publishing School's program and make an effort at writing your book, and you don't get results from the program, he will refund your money. College courses don’t do that!

Chandler Bolt even offers a Lifetime Guarantee that if your book doesn't become a Best Seller you can get your money back.


If you really want it, there IS a book in your future, written by you!

So this is my challenge to you. If you have an idea about a book, but you think you don't have the skill to write it properly, you're wrong. Using the tools and taking advantage of the assistance that the Self-Publishing School offers, you can make that idea into something that you are proud to share with others.

By clicking one of my affiliate links, you'll take your first steps to learning more about the Self-Publishing School's writing process- for free! Chandler also gives you access to the other helpful books and audiobook material as a bonus through his Sign-Up pages.

After watching the free videos, if you decide like I did that you want to take writing a step further, you can gain access to a structured system and active help to keep you motivated and informed. Join the Self-Publishing School and turn your ideas into a Best Selling Kindle book. You'll be on your way to earning some extra income. Most people, even the people who have joined the group and tell us they can't write, get their books written within 90 days!

I'm not telling you this just because I read about the program and thought it sounded good. I'm experiencing it for myself. It works!

Thank you for reading my review, and good luck!

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