Part Three: Hit the ground running and make Swagbucks. It’s easy!

As I promised in Part Two of this Swagbucks series, I'm going to start explaining the easiest ways to make Swagbucks!

Earlier I discussed many different ways to make Swagbucks. Here is where I'm going to tell you what I do. If you try out different methods and succeed with other areas like surveys, then allow me to offer you a virtual high five! I'd love to hear about your success stories!


It's all about the videos! Well, mostly...

The main method that I use to make Swagbucks is by watching videos. There are a number of methods you can use to let multiple videos run at the same time, and Swagbucks has kindly designed their website and apps so that the videos automatically advance through a list of videos. So you don't need to babysit your phone or your computer while you're earning Swagbucks. Instead, you can be productive and fold laundry (like I need to), play with the kids, or even write a new novel!


Here is my first stop for earning Swagbucks every morning:

Swagbucks phone apps

Download free Swagbucks apps for Apple or Android devices. These videos play ads, then play a video before automatically advancing to the next one. Each app is different. They offer different videos and may even play different numbers of ads or different numbers of videos before awarding Swagbucks. Just search for Swagbucks in your app store (Google Play or Apple). The apps are released by Prodege, so don't download other apps by other people- especially if they're not free!

My current favorite apps are Swagbucks Watch (TV),, and EntertaiNOW TV Mobile. I've found them to contain more videos of a shorter length. There are other apps with videos involving independent music, sports, and movies, so feel free to experiment!

If you don't have a phone with unlimited data then pay careful attention to this advice: Use Wi-Fi! I always use my home's secure Wi-Fi whenever using any program that uses a lot of data, and Swagbucks is the same. Watching videos takes bandwidth, remember.


To maximize your Swagbucks you want to watch more videos in a shorter time period!

To do this, I go through the various lists of videos in an app, note the length of time in the video, and mark the shortest ones as my favorites. If you do this, you'll build up a list of favorite videos that you can run in a far shorter time than just watching all of them! Tip: First I look for videos under 30 seconds. If I find a lot of them, I whittle them down to 20 or even 10 seconds. It might be hard to believe, but there are a number of 10-20 second videos out there, especially in my favorite Swagbucks apps!

Once you've built a list of favorites, just let them play! I occasionally check back with my phone because there are times that an ad will halt the playlist with a little circle and an X in the corner. Just tap it to get your playlist going again. Rarely an ad might slip through the cracks of quality assurance and stop the app entirely. Just halt the app (removing it from your phone's list of recent apps), restart your Favorites list, and the problem should go away.

With the most recent updates to the Swagbucks phone apps, you can usually earn 10 Swagbucks, and then continue on to earn bonus Swagbucks beyond the first 10. I switch between different phone apps when the number of required videos before the reward gets too high.

On special occasions, Swagbucks will run double rewards! So instead of 2 Swagbucks per video list, you get 4 SB. The Swagbucks blog will usually have announcements about events like that.


Keep an eye out for my next article on where else to find easy-to-watch videos!

And again, if you haven't already joined Swagbucks for free, here is my referral link. If you join Swagbucks as my referral through the link below, I will answer five of your questions about Swagbucks for free! Just fill out my 'Contact Me' form. Don't forget to include your Swagbucks username so that I can verify who you are!

Make Swagbucks

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