Part One: What is Swagbucks? Does is really work?

As I promised you, here is my Swagbucks review! The Swagbucks program is a way you can earn extra money and gift cards without too much effort. It is not a scam or an attempt to phish your information.

Reward points are in the form of Swagbucks (SB) and are worth one penny each. So if you earn 500 SB one month, you can buy a $5 gift card from places like Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Visa, and many other stores! This beats a number of other website rewards programs (like Bing) whose points are worth considerably less.

There are other websites that reward you with extra cash back if you visit an online store by clicking through their portal first, or for taking surveys. There are many of them out there with different payout rates. I’ll go more about some of these in depth in future articles.

This series of articles is about the Swagbucks program. It also offers surveys and shopping portals, but my focus is going to be on videos, website click-through articles, Swagcodes, mobile apps, and many other ways to easily earn.

I’ve used Swagbucks for quite a while now. By watching some short videos (which often auto-advance through playlists without the need for my active intervention), I’ve made a minimum of $25 a month in gift cards on the side. It’s easy! I did this for an hour a day, often while making and eating breakfast before work.


The easiest ways to earn Swagbucks:

I'll go more into depth and give you the best tips about each of these in their own articles, but I want to give you the basic ideas first.

Watch short videos: The Swagbucks website is divided into sections, depending on the type of activity. You can find lots of videos in the Watch and the Discover sections, usually a minute or two each. Sometimes you'll get videos through the Swagbucks "Inbox". You can also find videos on the Swagbucks browser app. Add these videos together each day and you'll have made a number of SBs every month!

Click through to a website: There are offers which just require you to click to view a website or to view a slideshow in order to earn the offered SBs. No purchase or sign-up necessary.

Redeem Swagcodes: Once in a while you'll see notifications about a swagcode. Follow the instructions to get the swagcode and redeem it for instant SBs! It's easiest if you've installed the Swagbucks browser app. It notifies you whenever a swagcode is available and where!

Run mobile apps: Download Swagbucks apps free for Apple or Android devices. These videos play ads, then videos before automatically advancing.


But I want to earn more! What else can I do through Swagbucks?

Take Surveys: You may have heard of websites that offer you the opportunity to do surveys for money. Certain people who are within certain unknown demographics can do well with these sites, but unfortunately, I am not one of them. I've tried a number of surveys and am usually disqualified halfway through the survey, so I don't waste my time. Go ahead and try them for yourself; you may be lucky enough to be in that sweet spot of the demographics which work for surveys.

Shop online: Shopping online through the Swagbucks portal is easy. Simply look for an online store through the Swagbucks Shop page and click on it. Your online purchase will be tracked automatically by Swagbucks and rewarded according to their terms. For example, a shopping reward of 5 SB per dollar means that a $20 purchase at an online store will net you 100 SB! I’ve never had a problem getting credit even when the portal didn’t reward me automatically. I just submitted a report to Swagbucks with the text from my email order receipt, and I’m sometimes given the reward within a day!

Sign up for offers: There are many other types of offers that you can complete to earn Swagbucks, like printing and using grocery coupons, joining informational email lists, signing up to receive free products, and even purchasing discounted services through special offers! I suggest that you create a separate email address through a free email provider like Gmail or Outlook. This way you can keep track of your Swagbucks activity more easily and not have it mixed up with your personal or business email.


Have fun with special Swagbucks events!

Every so often, Swagbucks hosts team events. When you click to join the game, you’re automatically assigned to one of the teams, usually out of three or four. At the end of the contest, each team is rewarded with a discount off of a gift card of your choice.

The main draw of these team contests, however, is meeting other people like me who use the Swagbucks program. We share information through team chat about the best offers at the time in order to increase your team points. I have found these people to be kind and a wonderful source of support!

I’m going to be sharing more information about how to best work with the Swagbucks program in this ongoing series of articles. You won’t have to wait for team events and can refer back to the articles whenever you want to!


How to sign up for Swagbucks

If you’d like to support my continuing effort to help you earn more income, and to get your credit rating under your control, you could sign up for Swagbucks as my referral! The link to Swagbucks below is an affiliate link, but it will also allow me to see your progress. If you join up under me, I will answer five questions about Swagbucks for free! Just contact me through my website here. Don't forget to include your Swagbucks username so that I can see who you are!

If you join up under me, I will answer five questions about Swagbucks for free! Just fill out my 'Contact Me' form. Don't forget to include your Swagbucks username so that I can see who you are!

Swagbucks review

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What's Online at
Occasionally, Swagbucks runs a referral offer where both you and I would receive a bonus once you sign up and earn a certain number of Swagbucks.

Right now, the Swagbucks referral offer would give both of us 300 SB once you have earned 300 SB. And if you also go through their shopping portal and purchase $25 or more, we both get another 200 SB for a total of 500 SB! This is in addition to the Swagbucks that you earned on your own.


How to learn more about Swagbucks

Here is your invitation to join my email list. You’ll receive access to my ongoing series on how to make money online while continuing your regular job, how to improve your credit rating, and more! I’m starting this out by writing instructions on the easiest ways to earn the most Swagbucks each month.

I started writing this article in order to help out some of my friends. Now I’m making it available so that I can help as many people as I can!

If you find this information helpful, send it on to your friends and family so that they can benefit from it as well. I’ve written it all out for you!

If you have questions about the program or other items that I write about, I’d love to hear back from you!

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