Part Two: How do I join Swagbucks and what should I do first?

If you’ve been reading my previous articles about Swagbucks, you must be ready to join!

This article will outline how to sign up for a Swagbucks account, and where to begin on the Swagbucks website.

Once you have a general idea about the Swagbucks website and program, you’ll find yourself making extra money every day which adds up to a nice bonus each month!

Signing up for your account

This part is easy, of course. The link to join Swagbucks below is an affiliate link, but it will also allow me to see your progress when you join as my referral so that I can help you out!

Tip: If you want to keep track of your Swagbucks activity, I advise creating a separate email account using free services like Gmail or, then using that new email account when you sign up for Swagbucks. Just make sure to keep track of your login information for both the new email account and your Swagbucks account!

If you join Swagbucks as my referral through the link below, I will answer five of your questions about Swagbucks for free! Just fill out my 'Contact Me' form. Don't forget to include your Swagbucks username so that I can verify who you are!

Click on the link and enter your information to register. Welcome, new Swagger!

Here's how you can see your automatically assigned Swag Name and even change it to something else that you want:

Click the drop-down at the top right-hand corner of the Swagbucks website, then click 'My Settings'. Type your password if you are prompted. Under your Account Information, you can click 'edit' and change your Swag Name. Make sure you're happy with it since you won't be able to change it again!

Join Swagbucks!

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What do I do first?

When you look at the Swagbucks homepage, it might be a little overwhelming at first. But don’t worry- it won’t be long until you understand how it is organized!

The homepage occasionally got makeovers over the years, but the current one for 2017 has been working well and hasn’t changed in some time.

I'm going to give you an overview of the Swagbucks website in this article. I'll be going into more detail in future articles, so keep an eye out!

Across the top is the main navigation

The top navigation moves with you when you scroll and includes:

  • Easy access to do a web or shopping search- I recommend setting your default search engine to Swagbucks so that every search you do gives you a chance to earn Swagbucks. Occasionally you'll hit a large search reward and get 20 SB or more!
  • The area to submit Swagcodes when you get them- Swagcodes can be found all over the place, but the easiest way to get them is to install the Swagbucks web browser extension.
  • The display to track your Daily Goal- I'll discuss a lot about this in a future article, but it's a great way to keep you motivated and earn extra SB at the same time!
  • A link to your own Referral section, a link to your Inbox, and a display of your current Swagbucks total which also includes a drop-down for your account.
  • A link to your Inbox
  • A display of your current Swagbucks which also includes a drop-down for your account menu.

Take a breath. I’m going to explain all that I’m talking about in this series of articles. In the meantime, the world will not explode if you do a little exploration on your own.

Next, look at the left-hand side for the navigation menus

I’m listing everything here, and will go into each section in later articles.

At the very top is a little picture carousel. These show offers, but often will also display helpful notifications like a mention of the next team tournament if you didn’t hear about it elsewhere!

Earn your SB- This menu gives you easy navigation to the main areas of Swagbucks where you do most of your earning. I use this menu frequently.

  • Redeem your SB- This menu has links to the Rewards store where you purchase gift cards for Swagbucks, and the Swagstakes areas where you can enter drawings by spending Swagbucks. I rarely use this menu since I can get to the Rewards store from my account menu on the top right, under ‘Redeem SB’.
  • To do list- This is a list of activities you can do each day to earn Swagbucks; it’s a helpful list to get you going! Currently, if you complete 6 out of 8 of the activities, you earn 1-4 extra Swagbucks. If you do all 8, you get more. I do 6 out of 8 every day. As I mentioned in an earlier article, I’m not in a good section of demographics to be included in surveys. But if you are, then go for it! Extra Swagbucks for you!
  • Personalize- This is completely optional. You can use ‘Set Interests’ choose your main interest which will optimize your homepage. You can also access your account summary page from this menu. This is another menu that I rarely use since I access my account summary from my account menu on the top right, under ‘My SB’
  • Socialize- This has links to Swagbucks’ blog and social media accounts. I’m most interested in their blog and Facebook pages because they contain news about upcoming contests and occasional Swagcodes!
  • Quick Links- Go through these pages; they’re helpful for people new to Swagbucks. Here you can also install the Swagbutton on your web browser and be notified of Swagcodes whenever they come out. The Mobile apps are another very easy source of Swagbucks with little effort, so install and use them. I’ll go into more details in a later article.

The middle area

This part of the homepage may look chaotic at first, but these are simply links to individual offers, videos and such in the various sections listed under ‘Earn your SB’.

You can go directly to the individual offer by clicking on it, or you can view that section by clicking ‘View All’ next to the section title.

The bottom menus

These are helpful links, but most of them are contained in the navigation links on the top and left-hand sides. Still, feel free to explore them at your leisure.

And that’s it!

Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed at first. There’s a learning curve for everything, but once you explore a little, you’ll get the hang of it easily.

And remember- if you join Swagbucks as one of my referrals, I’m here for you to ask up to 5 questions! They can be one at a time over months, or all of them at once now in the beginning.

My next article will be where I start talking about details about the easiest ways to earn Swagbucks!

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