How to Improve Your Credit Score

Improving your credit score can be an intimidating task. Even to those familiar with what a credit score actually is, it's a large undertaking.

Anyone saying you can instantly improve your credit score is trying to sell you something

Improving your credit score will take time, but it will actually work and will take little to no extra money beyond your normal bills. With simple and constant effort over time, you can bring your credit score up from even the worst doldrums. But in order to improve your credit score, you have to start now!

To make it easier, I'll outline it step by step. You’ll be following the same path that I did when I figured out how to improve my own score.

I did a lot of research on my own while I worked on my credit. Now I’m going to explain it all to you. The actions I took resulted in improving my credit score from a heartbreakingly low one as a college student to my current and long time one resting firmly over 800!


These steps will do more than just improve your credit score

The process that I took also resulted in creating long term financially healthy habits, and I'll share those with you as well. Once you've used the ideas I've given to you, your financial situation should be more stable as well!

Bookmark this series of articles so that you can refer to them whenever you want. Here is the complete list so that you can easily navigate to the information you need. These articles will be linked here as I write them:

Step One: Learn your credit status - Get Your FICO Credit Score

Step Two: Fix credit report errors

Step Three, Part I: Take stock of your credit cards and loans

Step Three, Part II: Take stock of your credit cards and loans

Step Four: Reduce the interest for balances you owe

Step Five: Find fun ways to increase your income

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